Homemade Specialty Cheesecakes & Custom Cakes

Locally made and available only in Calgary, Alberta area

                 Specialty Cakes                 

 Dulce de Leche cake:         $27.00 

Another selection from my more affordable line of "Banquet" cakes.   Spongy white vanilla cake layered with my rich "Leche buttercream" and a good dose of sweet caramel poured on top.  This one pictured was special made for a gluten-free client. 




 Raspberry Vanilla Cake:            $ 25.00 

 Moist Vanilla cake layered with vanilla buttercream and Raspberry puree.  Each slice topped with a juicy red raspberry.  This is part of our "Banquet" line of cakes, making it more affordable for large parties and entertaining the whole family or office.  Can easily be customized for birthday's and other occiasions as well!!  ** This is also available in a plain vanilla, and a chocolate option.




Deep Dish Pecan Pie:            $40.00

This old fashioned recipe is loaded with flavors from brown sugar, dark molasses, and full of pecans.  The extra "deep dish" size compares to having 2 regular pies!  I love this one for the holidays, warmed in the oven with a tall glass of eggnog or hot chocolate!

 Red Velvet Banquet:          $30.00

Classic and elegant.....traditional Red Velvet flavor and perfect for personalizing.