Homemade Specialty Cheesecakes & Custom Cakes

Locally made and available only in Calgary, Alberta area

Order Policy

Wolfbay Café prides itself in using the freshest of ingredients which requires all orders to be received a minimum of 48 hours in advance of delivery. At Wolfbay Café, we do not stock "pre-made" cakes, so getting your order right the first time is our highest priority! 

Orders can be made by phone, in person or via email.  Details and final pricing will be discussed prior to production.  Order confirmation is established when the order form is signed by the customer, or the order is verified via email.  Please see "Cancellation Policy" below for more contract information.

Large orders will require more advance notice, in addition a cash deposit will be required.   Please contact Wolfbay Café for an order consultation to determine amount of notice and deposit requirements.

Cancellation Policy

All order cancellations must be received a full seven (7) days before scheduled delivery or pick up, unless otherwise agreed during an order consultation.  Cancellations can be made in person, by phone or via email.  Any deposit amount will be non-refundable if proper advance notice is not received. 

My Guarantee

Due to our products being homemade by Wolfbay Cafe, we are very strict with our Order and Cancellation policies as listed above. 

All of our products are guaranteed to be the freshest possible and all ingredients are of the highest quality available. 

We support local Calgary food perveyors and never use preservatives in any of our products.