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Quotes Bo created the St Patrick version of a Despicable me minion. My best friend has had 3D cakes in the past, but she said that Bo had the greatest eye for detail. Right down to his hair, eye color, orange beard and Guinness beer. In addition, we've found previous 3D cakes to be overly sweet and unbearable to eat, but Bo's red velvet flavor minion was amazing. We had so many compliments just walking from the vehicle to the restaurant, and in the pub. Wolfbay Cafe definitely went above and beyond what my best friend requested. It was the highlight of the party. He can make his cakes either adult or child friendly. Bo's cakes are worth every cent. .....Bebe Chen Quotes
Bebe Chen
VERY satisfied customer

Quotes I ordered a cake for my husbands birthday, which the theme this year was 'Ninja'. I am not creative so left the design, etc. completely up to Bo. When I picked up the cake it was better than I thought - it was unbelievable! Everyone at the party was amazed at the detail of the cake and were all very reluctant to eat it as they were so impressed by the workmanship. We did end up eating it and it was the most moist and delicious cake we've ever had. The cake was the hit of the party for sure (we still have the ninja, throwing stars and Ninja sign). I will be a return customer and can't wait for the next amazing creation! If you haven't had a Wolfbay Cake - you are missing out!!! Quotes
Thoughtful Wife

Quotes My family has tried several of Bo's cheesecakes and every one of them is AMAZING. He has also made me a "Gluten Free/Sugar free" cheesecake and it was awesome. He is very accommodating and we continue to be amazed by his cheesecakes. Quotes
Cheesecake Lover

Quotes I ordered a gluten-free fudge brownie cheesecake for my birthday from Bo... He met my expectations and then some! The design was incredibly cute, the fondant was like nothing I'd ever had, and the cake was absolutely amazing! I'm still shocked it was his first time making this type of cake GF! I will definitely order another cake from Bo next time I'm looking around. I don't think any other company could bake GF this well! Quotes
Amy D
New GF Customer

Quotes I live in Florida and my husband currently works in Calgary. I was not able to be there for his birthday, but wanted to do something special. My husband loves cheesecake, so I placed an order for the New York style cheesecake with Bo. I was nervous, as my husband knows his cheesecake and can be a tough sell. Hearing the words from my husband "It is excellent... bypassed dinner and added an extra piece of cheesecake to my plate" made my day. Thank you Bo and Wolfbay Cafe. Bravo! Quotes
Debby W
Excellent Cheesecake

Quotes Bo made a Zamboni cake for our sons' 2nd birthday! It not only took our breathe away at how incredible it was, all the guests were AMAZED and WOWED - kids and adults included! From how it looked to how it tasted - it was the best ever! Thank you Bo! Quotes
Reagan & Brad
Zamboni Cake was the 'best for last'

Quotes I can not believe how good these cheesecakes are! They are amazing! I don't think I will be able to eat any other cheesecake without comparing it to these! I am definitely thinking of getting a custom birthday cake from Wolfbay. Quotes
Cathlyne Baetz
New Customer

Quotes We had a birthday party for seven members of our extended family all born in the same month. Bo made an AMAZING train cake with one car for each person celebrating a birthday. It looked beautiful and was the best tasting cake I have ever had! The cake truly made the party memorable for everyone. Quotes
Delighted customer

Quotes We celebrated my daughter's birthday yesterday with cheesecakes from the Wolfbay Cafe. They were absolutely delectable. Suprisingly light, super creamy and very affordable, we paired them with berries and they were a refreshing change to sickly sweet birthday cake. The White Chocolate Raspberry was a serious home run. ...Great job, Bo! Thanks so much. Quotes
Polly Krause
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I asked Bo to make me a birthday cake with a goalie on it, i never expected it to be that good. The Red Velvet cake is to die for, and the Whipped White Chocolate Ganache was amazing. Everyone fell in love with the cake and it was big enough for my friends to take some home to tell their parents how amazing Bo makes his cakes. I had a 'Abstract' Goalie made of black modeling chocolate, it was put on top of some orange modeling chocolate. Bo made some little hockey pucks out of modeling chocolate (Of course they were picked off shortly after the pictures were taken) Thanks soo much Bo, Loved the cake. Quotes
Michael Harper