Custom "Extreme" Cakes Custom "Extreme" Cakes RAINBOW themed cake Created for a first year birthday, this cake was rainbow inside and out! Stacked 2 tiered cake, rainbow of 6 colors in each vanilla cake. Bow's made from fondant and the cake topper is edible sugar paste. (size and detail shown $260) 170199035 Horse and Chuck Wagon Completely edible! A collective collaboration I did with another awesome cake friend, Lesi Lambert. This cake was created for Silver Hill Acura dealership, for their Calgary Stampede Grand opening! 199342872 Skull Cake This was done for a "Day of the Dead" theme, but can go with just about any application. Detailed right down to his teeth fillings! (Size and details shown $240) 196265489 Jazz/Band themed This cake was done for a live auction, to raise money for a school Jazz band. It featured some fancy royal icing cleft notes around the bottom 8 inch cake and sugarpaste music notes for the top. Airbrushed music note board finishes the theme. 201063129 Human Liver donor cake One huge Liver! An awesome man, celebrating his one year after his transplant wanted something special and unique for his party. This is my style of caking! Every part edible and medically spot on. 202159267 Ski-Doo cake Not only a SkiDoo cake but one detailed and modeled after the clients personal craft. Fondant and sugarpaste details. (Size and details shown $320) 200285513 Minion Standing version I did this massive Minion cake for a special needs kindergarten graduation celebration for Icing Smiles Canada. This one stood on one leg and included extras such as books and edible school notes. 202159260 Gucci purse and belt Full size purse and belt, taken from a Gucci fan. All details are edible. (size and details shown $250) 200674539 3-D Elephant This cute guy stood almost 2 feet high! 199342874 Willy This is "Willy". He was created from one of my actual nightmares I had a bit ago. I made him in cake and sugar for a special cake collaboration I was involved in, you can see more of the spooky works here: 200065436 Graduation Cake Completely edible, with school color theme. 8 inch and 6 inch cakes with fondant logo and diploma. 198622469 St. Paddy's Day MINION Another version of a 3-D Minion cake, this time, for St. Patty's day! All parts of this cake are edible. (size and details shown $160) 197818218 Furry Bones Bunny "Furry Bones Bunny" themed cake.....everything is edible! The smaller bunny made from gumpaste. This cake was about 2 feet in height total. (size and detail shown $250) 172867268 WORKING Beer Keg cake Full shot of my fully functionable Beer Keg cake! Beer keg cake dispenses beer using a special rigged hose and trigger system hidden in the cake. This can only be one size due to the size of the beer keg inside, although it can be customized for bigger events. GREAT for a Grooms cake, sports party or a "Coming of age" cake ( size and design shown $295) 196645395 Zombie Face A very fun one I finally got to do! Face and fingers are fondant and I wanted to give the illusion of the Zombie ripping out of the cake. (size and details shown $150) 191508033 Xbox One gaming Full scale representation of an Xbox One game center.....All edible including the controller and game case. (size and details shown $250) 197340249 OLD Minion Another version of my popular "Minion" cakes, this one done for a special 50th birthday! (size and details shown $160) 198376643 Save on Foods 100th Anniversary cake This massive cake was made for a local "Save on Foods" grocery chain, to celebrate their 100th year in 2015! It was enough cake to feed 500 folks! (contact for prices) 197993412 Mobster themed A "Mobster Tommy gun" cake with an 18 inch edible Tommy Gun and a dozen red roses. Even shell casings! The airbrushed board finishes the look including bullet holes on the sides of the cake. (size and details shown $240) 197993273 Avengers!! This shown was a 12 inch cake. All of the details are totally edible, using sugarpaste and rice Krispy (all but the handle of the hammer). The Hulk hands were sculpted from scale of human hands and the hammer was about a foot long, just to give you the size comparison. (size and details shown $230) 179305084 Dumbell Cake "Ivanko" dumbbell......ALL cake! Made up for a power lifters special birthday! (size and details shown $160) 192166526 Large 3-D ROBOT This is a cake I donated as part of the "Icing Smiles Canada" organization for a special boys 2nd birthday! It stood almost 2 feet tall and all of the details are completely edible (size and design shown $300) 189627743 Working Beer Keg cake Showing my Beer Keg cake dispensing actual beer and a cake slice cut away! GREAT for a Grooms cake, sports party or a "Coming of age" cake 196645396 Harley-Davidson Skull cake Hexagon cake with a Skull cake sitting on top, everything is edible on this cake. Included details are: sugar paste and fondant hand painted Logo's, chocolate pearls and buttercream flames. (Size and details shown $325) 177758763 NINJA This 8 inch cake done in artful "Yin and Yang" painting includes a few sugarpaste throwing stars and Japanese writing for "Ninja". The figure was sculpted from gum paste and detailed right down to his own throwing stars and split toed shoes, "Tobi". 195776384 3-D sculpted "Mummy" cake This is a cake I created for a world-wide collaboration that included 42 other cake artists from around the world. We were all to pick a "Halloween" theme for the project entitled "Sugar Spooks". The cake art from us individuals, was compiled into a full length video showcasing everyones work, and was featured in multi media events and Facebook. Please refer to my "Wolfbay Café" facebook page for more info and pictures! 188494912 3-D Drum Kit ............another view, with the other side of the all edible drum kit cake 176830527 Shoe cake .............another shot showing some textured details on the shoe and the laces.......even the bottom of the side shoe. 170198318 Another PURSE cake... I did a few additions to the first. I added some "steam" and "Silver-Pearl" airbrush to finish it all off! 112991766 SuperMan 2 stacked cakes. Edible logo and cape finish the design. (size and detail shown $160) 190003579 Rainbow cake- inside ..........the inside of a rainbow cake, showing the colorful layers hiding within! 170199034 3-D Zombie head I think this is my best cake creation yet to date! My first ever attempt at a Zombie themed cake. Everything except the arrow is edible, ALL of it....right down to the individual teeth, maggots, neck bones and the tounge! Caelan Lloyd is a huge fan of the TV show "The Walking Dead", so this inspired me to do this creation for his 12th birthday party. ( details and size shown $300 ) 173760915 Bok Choy from Plants vs. Zombies My cake rendition of "Bok Choy"! A character from the video game "Plants vs. Zombies".....he stood a good 15 inches tall and plant arms stretched 16 inches out, and completely edible! (size and details shown $200) 191006129 Day of the Dead I created this cake for a facebook collaboration with celebrating the "Day of the Dead" holiday of Mexico. Completely edible right down to the white chocolate candles. (size and detail shown $300) 196265490 Hand painted detail for Grey Goose ...........another view of all the hand painted lable work, the whole cake and extra's are edible! 155264263 Cartoon Penguin! 3-D "Chilly Willy" (Latino version) Penguin cake! The cake was my chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache-chocolate chip buttercream filling. Everything is edible on this cake....right down to the handpainted gumpaste sign and sombrero. Cake was done for a special 21 year old, going back home to Mexico, after attending University here in Calgary! ........"Buena suerte y disfrutar de Dalia!" ;) ($90 shown) 155264261 For my hunny's 40th Tiger lily Birthday cake This cake was unique for sure. Topped with edible royal icing Tiger lily's and modeling chocolate green leaves. It is made of 3 stacked mini-cheesecakes, encased with a "spackle" effect creamcheese/royal icing finish. The cheesecakes are Wolfbay's very own "Decadent chocolate Truffle w/Raspberry" cheesecakes. The base was covered with marbled fondant. All of the tiger lily's were piped from royal icing and brushed with edible petal dust and luster dust. Everything but the ribbon and the center stamens of the lily's are edible! 65585656 ANGRY Birds Happy....I mean... ANGRY Birthday!! This cake is ALL edible, every part of the bird, and pig down to the spray can and dirt. The "Kamikaze" bird was sculpted from RKT, fondant and gumpaste and sits on a beat up confetti cake pig. I did the extra's for the pig in fondant and gumpaste and buried him in some sugar dirt. I thought it would be a cool addition to his wounds by spraying out the word Happy and airbrushing ANGRY to the birthday slogan, to fit the theme. ($300) 148735995 Dill Pickle cake As realistic as I can get with this one. It was my red velvet cake, covered in my marshmallow fondant and airbrushed to capture the true pickle effect! Size of this cake was 9 inches when finished ($50) 176367043 Brain and Maggot cake Anatomically correct BRAIN cake.......even the maggots are edible! 196645847