My Famous Cheesecakes My Famous Cheesecakes Decadent Chocolate Truffle Pure chocolate in every way.....known as my "Chocolate Coma" cheesecake! With or with out raspberries 198476136 Salted Caramel-Choco pretzel My Caramel cheesecake dotted with chocolate covered pretzels, sits on an Oreo crust. More caramel goodness is drizzled on top decorated with more chocolate covered pretzels and a good sprinkle of course sea salt for an awesome contrast of salty-sweet! 198476137 Caramel Apple-Cranberry Crunch (*Contains Nuts*) Sitting gloriously on my spiced graham crust, this beauty is loaded with an awesome flavor profile: Chunks of Spartan and Granny smith apples, sautéed with dried cranberries, spices and butter and then mixed throughout my creamy vanilla cheesecake. Then its topped and baked again with a crunchy "streusel" style topping, made with brown sugar, spices and crushed pecans! (regular size shown here) 181823148 Wedding Cake- White Chocolate Blueberry What Wolfbay is famous for, and now in "Wedding Cake" form!! This 3 tiered wedding cake is my white chocolate blueberry cheesecake (WCB). Cake topper was supplied by the happy bride/groom. Thank you Catherine and Spencer, and God bless your lives together! (size and decor shown $240) 156323892 Carrot Cake Cheesecake Another "classic" flavor profile combination. Pairing old fashion Carrot cake, full of raisins and shredded carrot with that home made cinnamon spice flavor, and my classic vanilla cheesecake base. Finished off with crushed pecan pieces! (OPTIONAL) 198735202 Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake Inspired by our youngest son, Caelan, who just LOVES this combination! It starts as a vanilla based cheesecake exploding with a layer of fresh ripe strawberries. Fresh strawberries throughout, supported by a vanilla pound cake bottom. 196645524 Red Velvet Delight Imagine...... my popular Red Velvet sponge cake layered between Wolfbays tart, New York style cheesecake. These 2 classic flavor combinations top off a thin, chocolate Oreo crust. Creamy layers of my famous cheesecake and fluffy Red Velvet cake all in the same bite! 155771764 REESE'S peanut butter cup cheesecake Starting out on an Oreo crust, sits a slab of my peanut butter nougat for that distinct Reese's flavor. Then its filled in with rich milk chocolate cheesecake with chunks of Reese's cups candy! The top is coated with a thin layer of smooth Reese's peanut butter and covered with a chocolate ganaché layer with a mini Reese's on each slice. (NOT available in my CC42 size, only Regular and "Small" ) 203223313 White Chocolate Raspberry (WCR) One of my best sellers! 200938548 Zebra Cheesecake Proud to announce Wolfbay's launching of my new ZEBRA cheesecake.....this will replace my Marbled Swirl as it is basically the same idea, yet a dramatic new presentation!! Vanilla cheesecake striped with rich milk chocolate....for those that just want alittle chocolate with their cheesecake. 146753327 Turtle Cheesecake A classic! 200938873 Maple BACON Praline This rich Maple cheesecake is topped with a crispy bacon-brown sugar praline! PERFECT blend of salty and sweet with rich, dark flavors......oh, and did I mention CRISPY-THICK cut BACON!?! The NEW "Pride of Canada"! 201415982 Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich Cheesecake A sliced shot of my NEW "Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich Cheesecake"! This has got to be my most prized far ;) * not available in "cheesecake for two" size 67490924 Lemon Meringue Just like the infamous Lemon Meringue Pie folks! Fresh, tart lemon juice and zest permeates through this silky cheesecake and topped with fresh whipped meringue. Blow torched on the top to give it that crisp, caramelized meringue effect! 197818252 Spiced Pumpkin Spiced walnut crust holding a swirl of pumpkin puree and rich cream cheese hinted with cinnamon, allspice and cloves. Sprinkled with my Pecan streusel. Great alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!! 196581578 Mango Raspberry Mango-Raspberry: Mango infused cheesecake with lots of sweet-tart raspberries swirled throughout. Will replace my "Tropical Mango" 196581508 Special Birthday This gem, created for a special Birthday and shows how creative you can be with my famous cheesecakes! NOT limited to the average around here, lol This is a "Mini" 6 inch Cherry Explosion cheesecake sitting on top of a regular sized Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich cheesecake and a personalized plaque. 196581509 Wedding cheesecake construction ..............Oh, the intensity!! 156323893 Creamsicle cheesecake Flavors that will bring you back to your childhood! A layer of creamy vanilla cheesecake beneath a layer of old fashion orange creamsicle batter. To add a different dimension and texture to this classic flavor combination, these two layers finish off a thin, light vanilla poundcake crust.......all in a cheesecake! 178230416 Passion Fruit This flavor was inspired by some great friends, Carmen and Carlos, and a fruit very popular in their home Islands, the Azores, off the coast of Portugal. I infuse pure passion fruit pulp, which is very intense and unique in flavor....both sweet and tart with a citrus 'bite'. I tone down the intensity of this fruit with a hint of silky white chocolate. This combination just melts on the back of your tongue and is sure to be a satisfying hit at your next get-together! 172867862 S'mores This will take you back too the Summer campfires and has all the classic S'mores taste! Marshmallow throughout my vanilla cheesecake with a toasted gramham and roasted marshmallow bottom. MORE chocolate ganaché piled on top and finished off with more graham crumbs and fire kissed marshmallows and chocolate squares for decoration. 196581577 Maple-Walnut Cheesecake Loaded with real maple flavor...... Walnut crust and walnut throughout. Vermont Maple adds to the authenticity. 61166276 OREO! Best cookies and cream flavor ever! 200938498 Boston Creme Cheesecake This creation is "wicked good"! It starts with my Oreo crust and then layered on top of that is vanilla bean cake, real Boston créme filling and my vanilla cheesecake. It's then finished off with a thick layer of chocolate gananché for that classic Boston Crème flavor! 188495255 EGG NOG (seasonal) ..........Just another shot of my seasonal "Egg Nog" cheesecake with some royal icing Holly and berries 168927545 White Chocolate Pistachio Two of my personal favorite flavors, combined! 200938534 New York Style Classic cheesecake flavor with a touch of lemon tartness, straight from the Big Apple city 196581575 For Valentines day A special Valentines Day "Zebra" cheesecake for two, just in time for someones Valentines evening! 149339338 SIN-a-bun cheesecake This one has a base made of delectable cinnamon bun covered in cream cheese icing, topped off with my creamy vanilla cheesecake. I finish this treat with an intensely flavored cinnamon swirl. (9" size shown) 174871690 Dark Chocolate Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with an Oreo crust and filled with tart fresh raspberries 196581576 Key Lime Margaritaville Enjoy the unique salty pretzel-graham crust, fresh Key Lime, premium Jose Cuervo tequilla and finished with a touch of mediterranean sea salt. The first bite will take your mind straight to a Key West beach where you'll find yourself humming Jimmy Buffet songs! 76295393 Okanagan Peach My "Pride of the Okanagan". Juicy Peaches straight from the Okanagan Valley, B.C...... Peaches in every bite!! LIMITED SEASONAL flavor! 196645764 Fudge Brownie Creamy vanilla batter loaded with chunks of fudge brownie settled on a chocolate brownie crust. One bite will leave you wanting more of this tantalizing contrast of creamy and chewy. 201415634 Cherry Explosion My cherry tinted N.Y. style cheesecake finished off with almost a pound of contrasting sweet-tart cherry filling, just piled on the top. A bit of white chocolate drizzles over just to please the palate! 174871736 White Chocolate Peach-Strawberry PERFECT summer fruits, combined with my silky white chocolate cheesecake base. Never before offered so snatch one up! This treat would be perfect for the "cheesecake on a stick" idea to keep you cool this summer! 201998830