Weddings and Anniversaries Weddings and Anniversaries Horror Wedding I did this cake for a special wedding on Halloween, hosted by our own "Virgin Radio 98.5" station. This cake included an edible "blood sack" that leaked out when the second cake was cut and topped with fondant "Love Maggots" and an edible anatomically detailed Heart. (size and details shown $1400) 196264957 Calla-Lily Cake Edible sugar Calla-lily's are the focal point for this wedding cake! (size and details shown $600) 196264956 Traditional 2 Tiered 2 Tiered 50th anniversary cake. 196645990 "Divorce" themed cake And on the OTHER side of wedding cakes, lol. The figures were sculpted in gumpaste and fondant along with the sign. All of this cake is edible, right down to the quicksand pit. The cake was done to match the 'favor boxes' that were handed out at the party. (size and details shown $325) 176366403 Calla Lily Dream Finished with my Swiss buttercream and sugar Calla Lilies. 6-8-10 inch stacked 199342818 Vow Renew cake This one was for a 10th year anniversary "Vow Renewal" celebration. It featured the bride and grooms cultural heritage with the bottom cake wrapped in a ceremonial Metis Indian sash and the top "double barrel" size cake adorned with the brides Scottish Tartan family pattern. The topper I made showing their love for "West Coast Swing" style dancing. 199803766 2 sided cakes A special "2 sided" cake, one side for each the Bride and Groom! Everything but the "smurf" topper, that the client provided, was edible. 197818095 Ombré Princess Roses cake 199501409 Henna Indian "Henna" inspired cake done for an Indian wedding. Edible sugar lace adorns the sides with a hand painted Henna tattoo top. (size and details shown $110) 196264955 100th Anniversary for Save on Foods This cake was made for the famous grocery chain, Save on Foods for their 2015 100th year! I was blessed to be chosen by my local branch, and this massive one was enough to feed 500 folks! 197993329 Sugar Roses 198735114 50th Anniversary themed Italian Meringue buttercream cake.....traditional piping. 196646040 Spring Magnolia Wedding cake design that I entered into the 2014 Calgary Stampede competition, using sugar Magnolia's! Contact me for pricing information. 196646070 Blooming This one can incorporate any color scheme and flower. A Sugar Peony tops this particular one. 188328486 2 sided cakes A "2 sided" wedding cake, this shot, showing the "Manly" side :D 196646154 naked basic stack 199342817 50th Anniversary Stacked cake with traditional piping. 196646023 Topsy Turvy Style Its a "Topsey Turvey" birthday!! The top two tiers are Cherry cake and the big bottom one is half chocolate and half confetti candy cake. I used a light Raspberry-cream cheese buttercream filling and covered the cakes with my marshmallow fondant. Everything that decorated the cake (except the feathers) was edible, right down to the princess Tiara and the flowers. I constructed the Tiara from royal icing and flowers out of fondant. ($500) 146752042 Wedding Cake cheesecake What Wolfbay is famous for, and now in "Wedding Cake" form!! This 3 tiered wedding cake is my white chocolate blueberry cheesecake (WCB). Cake topper was supplied by the happy bride/groom. Thank you Catherine and Spencer, and God bless your lives together! (size and decor as shown $240) 156324086 Filigree design Idea Filigree desing for the top tier of a cake, white and black. Great in any color or occasion. 176366404 Princess Roses cake idea .........Just another design idea for my "Princess Roses" line of cakes. This was done for a work anniversary and left me space to write on the top. 159920103