Cake toppers and show stoppers! Cake toppers and show stoppers! Medium Princess Tiara Totally edible Royal icing tiara (medium), along with a gumpaste flower and painted silver, (can be done any color) $35 156387126 Edible Butterflies Crafted from edible fondant/gumpaste. Can be different sizes and colors to match the cake or occasion. Prices differ according to size and cake. 164304253 Sugar Magnolia's My first Magnolia's created from sugar paste. 193269440 Monsters University Mikey Sculpted from modeling chocolate! 196646078 Bat Mobile topper Sculpted from fondant and modeling chocolate, this 8 inch Bat Mobile can fit any Batman themed cake! 196646142 Anatomical Heart Edible and super detailed Heart topper.....this was about 3 times the size of an actual heart. 196265430 Toopy and Binoo Toppers These were made for a special birthday cake. 193269351 Cowboy-girl Boots Gumpaste/Fondant Cowgirl boots, about 5 inches high. $40 156387127 Sugar Calla Lillies ............close up of the edible sugar Calla-lillies for the Calla-lily sheetcake. 167770368 Fancy - Cheesecake plaques A little more colorful and decorated. These can use sugar flowers, pearls or any other edible art. I use these since you cant really "write" on a cheesecake as the icing would just melt away in a messy glob. (Fancy ones are $10) 164730717 Fancy - Cheesecake plaque 2 Deco and airbrush design to suit your cheesecake! ($10) 165112178 Basic - Cheesecake plaques Used like the "Fancy Plaques" in the other picture, but just some color using edible paints and airbush with your personal message. (basic ones are $6) 164730718 Fancy FireFly cheesecake plaque A "fancy" version of cheesecake plaque using airbrushing and hand painting techniques. 196646140 Runners - cheesecake plaque fancy Another example of a "fancy" cheesecake plaque in fondant, airbrushing and hand paining. 196646138 Fancy cheesecake plaque Example of a "fancy" style of fondant cheesecake plaque using airbrushing and hand painting techniques. 196646139 Hand sculpted Figurine Done for the "Divorce" cake.....sculpted from gumpaste and fondant, all edible! 176366089 Hand sculpted figurine- 7" high "Divorce" cake topper done with gumpaste and fondant. 176366090 Dr. Who gumpaste figure Close up of the "Dr. #10" - gumpaste figure for the "Crashed Tardis", Dr. Who cake. This stood about 8 inches tall next to the cake! 144450246 Sugar Magnolia's Magnolia flowers created from sugar paste 193269439 "Love Maggots" and Heart This sat upon a 4 tiered cake I created for a Halloween Wedding. 196265429 Edible Sugar Calla-lily's Sugar Calla-lilys 196265315 Sculpted figure ......close up view of the edible "Noah" figure, scopeing out some animals on his plastic/fondant quad bike. 155771089 Royal Icing Tiger lily detail Some tiger lily detail I did out of royal icing. My first ever attempt at these delicate icing flowers. Totaly edible except the center "stamens". 65585655 Tiara .....a close up of the edible royal icing and sugar "Tiara" that topped off the Princess themed cake. :) 144449432