SPORTS related cakes SPORTS related cakes Liverpool FC Jersey Smoothed buttercream with an edible image logo crest. (1/4 sheet size shown, $80) 165111711 Weight Lifters Belt Created from a 6 inch cake and totally edible. Belt is crafted from sugar paste and fondant. (size and details shown $60) 196646079 Dumbell cake "Ivanko" dumbbell......ALL cake! Made up for a power lifters special birthday! (size and details shown $150) 192166371 McKnight Mustangs Player cake Another version of my Mustangs Hockey team cake.....this one has a list of players names and numbers written on fondant! 198123670 Rugby Ball 3-D sculpted, scale size Rugby ball. This one was done gluten free! (size and details shown $190) 199501408 3-D Goalie Mask This cake was alternate Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge cake with my Cookies -N- cream filling. The cake was covered in Marshmallow fondant. The "cage" was done with royal icing, and the buckels and straps were made of fondant and gumpaste. The painting was finished with airbrush and hand-painted logo's.>>>> This cake was enough to feed 25-30 ppl easily. ($180) 115028498 NITRO Ringette team cake Ringette Hockey team design.....all airbrushed on buttercream. 198123671 Zamboni Cake ZAMBONI-Calgary Flames cake! I fashioned this from my Vanilla bean cake and filled with Rocky Road buttercream. The WHOLE cake, (besides the LED light) is edible. The seat, tires, sweeper, tanks and other logo details are all fondant and sugarpaste. This would be a great cake for ANY team out there! This one was done for a little Flames fan, celebrating his 2nd birthday! Easily would feed 20-25 people for this size shown. ($160) 151346862 Manchester United Jersey cake Manchester United Futbol jersey. Hand painted logo crest on fondant. (shown, feeds 20-25, $80) 172207094 Pittsburg Penguins Logo sheet A cake for a big Penguins fan....the cake was my vanilla bean and filled with vanilla pastry cream. The client did not want anything really sweet, so this was a great combo of flavors. I cut and hand painted the Pitts Penguin logo and airbrushed around the cake with Gold. ($70 shown) shown feeds 20 155265138 Mustang Team Theme Birthday Just another version for my popular Hockey team cakes....this one is not only for the Mustang team but also a special birthday cake for 2 of the players that were celebrating it together along with the team during a tournament. 145227408 Destination St. John's - IIHF Hockey Bid cake This cake was presented to Hockey Canada on behalf of Destination St. John's- Tourism and represented the pride and love for all Newfoundland/Labradour, to host the 2013 IIHF World Womens Championships It was marbled and vanilla cake with my Rocky Road filling. I used modeling chocolate, buttercream, gumpaste and fondant for all of the details. It featured a puck and hockeystick and was represented by handpanted sleeve and crest logos for St. John's and NFLD. Good luck to them to get chosen to host this event!! 118990672 Destination St. John's - IIHF Hockey Bid cake ...........showing alittle more detail, right down to the stitching in the numbers, logos and jersey. 118990673 Boxing Glove cake "Boxing Glove" cake, done for a birthday. The glove part was made with my Marble cake and the "cuff" section was my cherry/vanilla cake. It was filled with Dolce de Leche buttercream and then wrapped in fondant and worked to show details and creases, along with some added stitching effect. This size shown was perfect for a group of 10-15 people. ($75) 144458385 Calgary Logo Calgary Flames Logo cake, ...8 inch round shown ($40) 148599563 3-D Rough Riders Watermellon Helmet What a fun project! The helmet is made from confetti cake which I colored green, layered with my Vanilla Buttercream. The whole "watermellon head" helmet is draped with fondant and airbrushed for effect. I wanted to include as much of the "Rider pride" theme as I could. The figure of "Gainer" the mascot, and the watermellon slice, is sculpted with fondant and gumpaste. The facemask is gumpaste. I added in some banners and flags cut from fondant. I finished up the board with buttercream airbrushed "turf", and lined with buttercream. ...... As just about all of my Wolfbay cakes, everything is edible! ($180) 99263463 Hockey Logo themed "Montreal Canadians" logo cake. This is red velvet cake with vanilla pastry cream filling. Covered in vanilla buttercream with the logo cut and panted from fondant. Great idea for ANY team out there!! ( 8 inch shown, $40) 146820089 Vancouver Canucks theme Cake (large) (Front view) This cake was made for a HUGE Vancouver Canucks fan for his son's FIRST birthday......(guess they are starting him off early!!) It was a marbled cake with my "Dolce de Leche" buttercream filling. The logo's and Jerseys were made from marshmallow fondant, and the "wood" locker room fondant hand painted. This was a great project for me because clients will find it can be duplicated to match ANY NHL team of their choice!! The client also wanted the name's of the jerseys personalized, the middle "01" being his son :) .....awesome touch! ( 12x18 size $150 ) 87754149 "Goalie" sheetcake A special 13th Birthday cake made for my buddy, Michael Harper. Can you tell he is a 'goalie'?!! The cake is red velvet filled with my whipped white chocolate ganache. He wanted his hockey clubs color scheme, so I draped the cake with orange modeling chocolate. The "net" was piped buttercream and a silhouette of the goalie cut from black modeling chocolate. I accented the bottom border with black modeling chocolate "hockey pucks". As an added personal touch, he wanted the #31. ($60) 79874895 Ice Hockey Arena Cake This is an "Ice hockey" themed one I did for a 9th birthday. The "scoreboard" on top is one of my White Chocolate Raspberry "Cheesecakes for two" size, covered with black tinted modeling chocolate. The details of the scoreboard are hand painted gumpaste with gumpaste stars and #9. I used the Calgary "Hitmen" and his own team, the McKnight Mustangs, for the theme. I have this setting on a chocolate fudge layered cake filled with my Cream Cheese buttercream icing. The "ice" surface is a white chocolate "plaque" and hand painted. The rink boards and bench area's are all gumpaste, .. right down to the doors. All of the "sponsor" names and logos around the inside of the boards are all hand painted as well. This was definitely a test of detail for this special cake!! ($160) 70522019 Liverpool Football Club Done for a friends hubby....a HUGE "Liverpool" fan. The Jersey was chocolate cake/Vanilla Creamcheese filling, and topped with a gumpaste crest that I HANDpainted from a picture of the team logo. The 3D soccerball was Vanilla cake with the Creamcheese filling....finished with buttercream "grass". Everything was edible!! ($170) 60628619