Planes, Trains and Automobiles Planes, Trains and Automobiles 3-D Monster Truck LOTS of big cake here! (Done for a 13th B-day). This started as my "Marbled" cake, filled with my Chocolate/Choco-chip buttercream. I covered the truck body and the tires with Marshmallow Fondant and used airbrushing skills to blend the colors and the flames. I also finished off the cake board with a "mud" effect using royal icing. This was enough cake for 50-60 people. A great theme for so many occasions, and can be custom painted for the client. ($280) 107215216 SkiDoo cake Not only a Skidoo cake, but one detailed and modeled after the clients own personal one. (Size and details shown $320) 200285612 Ski-Doo ........another shot of the SkiDoo cake 200285613 Small Monster Truck Fully edible truck bursting out of the top of this cake. Accented with buttercream mud and tire treads going all around the outside. (size and details shown $160) 198333411 3-D Car Cake Custom 3-D Car cake by Wolfbay Cafe! The client wanted my "Red Velvet" cake with a cream cheese buttercream filling. To make sure there was enough servings, I added a bottom "platform" cake to suspend the car over the cake board. Its enough cake for 15-20 people. Fondant was used to cover the cake and airbrushed the car. The bottom cake was done with a "marbled" effect with the fondant. I handpainted the details of the car. This was a very fun project and I could have gotten alot more detailed, but the clients were working within a budget! ;) ($130) 97506713 3-D Car Showing time I do a cake like this I would recess the tires into the cake for a more realistic feel......if money is'nt a factor ;) 97506712 3-D Airplane Airplane cake....with sugarpaste wings. (size shown $90) 182900844 3-D Honda Pilot A carved replica of the gentleman's own "Honda Pilot" truck.....replicated from pictures the client sent me. His other love was his flower garden, which I made the entire board to replicate the garden.....everything is edible. (size and details shown $300) 183313754 3-D Honda Pilot .....a rear view shot of the truck showing back details 183313755 Train-Cupcake Duo This was a great project combo..... The client wanted a "modified version" of my 7 car Train cake and added 3 dozen of my "Touch of Spring" cupcakes to go along with it. It was a birthday party for 4 different children! She said there would be 50+ people there and wanted to make sure there was enough for everyone. The train cars were made out of my Confetti cake with vanilla buttercream filling. The cupcakes were divided into chocolate fudge and vanilla bean flavors with cream cheese buttercream being standard for this line of cupcakes. Royal icing drop flowers finish off each cupcake as well. ($200) 80175223 7 Car Train Each car made with loaf size pan. The five "box cars" carrying their own candy cargo load! Cake was done for 7 different B-days, each for a different child. ($400) 45919652 7 Car Train Pictured for size comparison. 45919653 7 Car Train (just one car for detail) Just ONE of the cars showing detail. This one is carrying gumballs. Obviously for a girl at the party, so I added some drop flowers around the top border. 45919654 Harley Motorcycle This was for a 50th B-day, one of my most detailed so far....and HUGE. Serves 60-70 people!! ($350) 42364689 Harley Davidson another detailed shot...right down to the licorice whip "cables", everything but the chrome handlebars was edible!! 42216999 Bat Mobile This was a cake topper that measured 8 inches in full length. Sculpted from rice krispies and fondant. 199811376