Kid's Cakes Kid's Cakes Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Everything is edible. The Cat figure was modeled out of gumpaste and the "things" cut and hand painted from fondant. This was done as a taller version of a 6 inch cake size. (as shown $65) 166954801 Star Wars Totem cake Can be customized for each fan and more can be added. Each cake head is a 6 inch cake! This picture shows more of each characters details. (size and details shown here $$240) 196645898 Shopkins "Wishes" from Shopkins. Fondant candles and details. (Size and details shown $150) 200285638 RAINBOW themed cake Rainbow inspired cake for a 1 year old party...... Rainbow cake inside with 6 different colors in each layer of cake! Fondant and gumpaste features finish the theme out. All edible cake topper as well. (sizes and detail shown + rainbow shaded layers $260) 169955805 Star Wars Light Sabre Butter cream covered with airbrushed colors. Fondant letters personalize this cake with edible new Sabres for the "Force Awakens" movie (size and details shown $120) 200674679 Rainbow cake ........inside of a rainbow cake, showing the colorful layers hiding within! 170198901 Earth CORE cake Can be used for any planet and can also be done as a full 3-D Sphere planet! Shows the different layers of the planet when cut into. (size and details shown here $120) 198476028 Mine Craft TNT TNT cube from the popular game Mine Craft! (size and details shown here $120) 198476029 Nightmare Before Christmas cake Hand painted and Airbrushed cake with edible figure of "Jack", that stood about 7 inches tall. (Size and details shown $130) 196993914 Batman! Batman themed cake with an edible 8 inch Bat Mobile topper. This had fondant-hand painted cut outs all around and the BatMobile skidding out on top of the cake to complete the theme. (Size and details shown $160) 199811379 Motorcycle Theme for a Motorcycle fan. This one featured an edible ring of fire and skull edible image wraps. (size and details shown $100) 199803765 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake theme with edible sculpted figurines! (size and details shown $155) 199618342 "BOK CHOY" from Plants vs. Zombies My cake rendition of "Bok Choy"! A character from the video game "Plants vs. Zombies".....he stood a good 15 inches tall and plant arms stretched 16 inches out, and completely edible! (size and details shown $200) 191006127 Mine Craft My own interpretation of the "Mine Craft" theme.....every cakers square nightmare, lol! Two cube cakes and fondant figures finish it all off. (size and details shown $150) 192166318 Rocket Moon This cake is 2 tiered stacked, and has a 6 inch hollow moon fashioned from white chocolate and airbrushed! An airbrushed Calgary "sky scape" finishes the bottom and the rocket is a copy in fondant, of the child's favorite toy! (size and details shown $260) 197993392 Medieval Theme Sword and the stone play on sugar! All details edible and can be customized with different Medieval toys (size and details shown $150) 198376567 3-D large ROBOT This cake was done for a charity organization that I was chosen to do for a special boys 2nd birthday! This version stood almost 2 feet tall and all of the details are completely edible (size and design shown $300) 189627504 3-D Minion Completely edible right down to his sugarpaste 'goggles'! Can be done in various Minion persona's (size and details shown $140) 185155962 Death Star- Star Wars StarWars "Death Star" themed birthday cake! This picture shows the figures in place that the client wanted to supply and add in. I would have LOVED to create them from fondant, but for price budget these stood in. The Cake was a 14"round Marble with vanilla buttercream and covered in marshmallow fondant. I piped the details of the Death Star with royal icing, and added a L.E.D. light for the death ray. 158053755 Monsters University Monsters University cake! With personalized flags and edible sculpted "Mikey" figure. This was a 10" cake. (size and details shown $160) 196645997 Monster Truck Exploding out of the top of this cake is an edible sculpted monster truck! Buttercream mud and tire tracks finish off the effect. (size and details shown $160) 198445037 Princess Tiara Pillow cake This cake features one of my totally edible, royal icing "Tiara's". The 9" round cake was covered in fondant and made to look like a pillow for the Tiara to be placed on top. Edible flowers and Gems accent the finishing touch. (for size and details shown $125) 166677321 Baptism Cake Special baptism cake, including my fondant Elephant topper. (size and details shown $95) 191961146 Disney's "Car's" theme Car's time! Chocolate Fudge cake with my Whipped White chocolate ganache filling. The whole cake is finished in Vanilla buttercream. All but the wires and the toy car on top is edible, (client insisted on the toy instead of an edible version from fondant). The bottom tier has 4 of the Car's characters hand drawn and painted in fondant. The top centerpiece is hand drawn and painted gumpaste to make it stand better. I even added in Lightning McQueens "Skid" marks in the buttercream as he flys into Victory Lane, lol (size and design shown $170) 161273044 Princess Doll cake Princess Doll cake......vanilla bean cake/vanilla buttercream, and fondant. (design shown $90) 161274154 Tiffany Box Tiffany inspired stacked box cake. (size and details shown $180) 196645991 Winnie the Pooh 3-D Winnie sitting atop another 9" cake for more servings. Hunny pot and bee's are edible out of fondant along with the accent flowers. Finished off with some airbrushed work around the bottom cake. (work and size shown $150) 166955002 DAVE the Minion Another version of my popular "Minion" 3-D cakes (size and details shown $150) 189170802 The Hunger Games My rendition of a "Hunger Games" cake. Hand painted logo on fondant. The arrows are fondant and a lolly stick for the shaft. Airbrushed and powdered colors finish it all off. (as shown $70) 168614647 Hunting theme This "Hunting" theme cake was done for a 5th birthday. It was also requested "Gluten free". Vanilla bean cake with strawberry buttercream/fresh strawberry filling. EVERYTHING on the cake but the animals and the quad runner was edible....the client provided specific plastic molded animals which helped keep the food cost down. I did however, mold the little boy riding the quad out of gumpaste, and covered the quad with fondant to be able to paint it "camo", just like the birthday boy's real quad! The rocks, trees, camping area and wooden boards are all fondant. The water effect I did by using cornsyrup and white airbrush paint. The sand was a mix of different sugars and graham crumbs. Happy Birthday Noah!! (Gluten free version $180 as shown) 155771088 Lego "EMMET" cake This creation was about 24 inches in length with lots of fondant! (original concept from "The Cake Shop) ..... (size and details shown $220) 192320851 ANGRY Birds Happy....I mean... ANGRY Birthday!! This cake is ALL edible, every part of the bird, and pig down to the spray can and dirt. The "Kamikaze" bird was sculpted from RKT, fondant and gumpaste and sits on a beat up confetti cake pig. I did the extra's for the pig in fondant and gumpaste and buried him in some sugar dirt. I thought it would be a cool addition to his wounds by spraying out the word Happy and airbrushing ANGRY to the birthday slogan, to fit the theme. ($300) 148735755 Angry Birds scene Angry Birds themed scene cake. The cake was Red Velvet with Cream cheese buttercream filling. All of the figures and details are edible. I used gumpaste and fondant to fashion the characters and accessories....a VERY fun cake to create! ($190 shown) 155265034 Barbie Gown Another version of the popular Barbie Doll cake, this one sitting on an additional base cake for more servings. Detailed with fondant deco and sugar pearls. (Shown $120) 177759409 Princess Tiara Cake My first "Princess Tiara" themed cake! Was completed for a First birthday. The crown Tiara was totally edible, made from Royal icing and finished off with a gumpaste "1" and a heart sugar "gem" in the center. The cake was my Marble sponge filled with chocolate mousse, and then I covered each tier with fondant. The top tier was marbled in pink shades and the bottom was airbrushed. Then I pressed out different cut-out heart shapes all over. This cake shown serves 20-25 people. ($150) 144449431 StarWars LEGO themed b-day This was a cake made for an 11 year olds birthday. The 3 "lego" blocks were actually fondant covered red velvet cake, filled with my Vanilla Cream Cheese buttercream. The 4 figurines were sculpted from gumpaste and fondant, and totally edible! Even the banners and logo's were constructed of fondant. There is enough cake and sugar for 15-20 kids. ($255) 86636433 ELMO!! It's an ELMO birthday!! Elmo and his support cake was created in my "Zebra" cake (marbled) flavor and filled with my Chocolate mousse. Then I fashioned some fondant for the mouth, eyes and nose for his character. Some extra "grass" piping and fondant flowers finish the theme. This cake as shown is enough for 20-25 people. ($150) 146753002