Homemade Specialty Cheesecakes & Custom Cakes

Locally made and available only in Calgary, Alberta area

    My Cheescake Story......      

My journey to create the perfect cheesecake started some 25 years ago.  At the tender age of 15, I began my first job as a dishwasher at a local seafood restaurant in Pasadena, Maryland.  Although everything around me was fresh and new, I soon found myself obsessed by the sweet, silky texture of the cheesecakes.  As I worked up the ranks in the kitchen, I decided to embark on what would become a long personal journey of perfecting the cheesecake.

At the age of 25, I realized that I was meant to be a Professional Chef.  So I left behind my dreams of being a rock star and traded my drumsticks in for a Chef knife.  I registered at the B.I.C.C Institute in Baltimore, Maryland where two years later I graduated with an Associates Dual Degree in Professional Cooking AND Pastries/Baking.  I have always been obsessed with perfection and find a true sense of pride in having the control to deliver the best in quality and freshness with every creation.  After leaving the University, I spent time working within some of the finest restaurants and classic bakeries in the Baltimore/D.C./Virginia area.  My combined passions for culinary arts and travel landed me in the Islands of the Caribbean, with Club Med resorts. 

Although I was fulfilling my dreams as a Professional Chef I always found myself drawn back to the personal journey I had started a decade earlier.  The desire to perfect the cheesecake drove me to spend years testing recipes, talking to chefs, friends, family, and then re-testing over and over again.  What made the BEST cheesecake?  I made countless observations about textures being too dry, crusts being too thin or too thick, the cake itself being too thin, flavours being bland, and the combination of ingredients often sub-par or just plain strange.  I found myself obsessed with testing almost every combination known to man.  I used every technique I’d ever learned and every ounce of my creative side...

Finally...I think I’ve got it!  I have found the perfect combination of the best and freshest ingredients around.  I use only Kraft Philly cream cheese®, fresh eggs, PURE vanilla extract, Bernard Callebaut® chocolate and fresh seasonal fruits.  Every cheesecake is created with care in my own kitchen, slowly baked at low temperatures, and babied with oven water baths to keep the rich creaminess and moisture inside. 

That’s what Wolfbay Café is based on and will not compromise...every cheesecake home-baked using nothing but the freshest ingredients...it's guaranteed!  I want to share with you my passion for quality taste in every product. 

Chef Bo